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E-mail your resume to jobs@ncmdirect.com

New Drivers, please contact Human Resources at 1.800.734.4626

Our largest asset is our work force and our company’s growth will come from asset appreciation. Our team is infused with participants who draw together into a cohesive unit that has everyone pulling together to reach a common goal. The ultimate result is an organization where the whole truly adds up to more than the sum of its parts.

Our people care passionately about what they are doing. They take responsibility for their actions and can be trusted to do what is right. Every employee is accountable to every other employee for maintaining his or her performance.

As members of the same team, they develop relationships with one another to build a cohesive unit that can pull together to meet almost any challenge. They feel connected to our company and see problems as opportunities to provide innovative solutions for making things better. Our team members strive to continually improve their own abilities and routinely work together to ensure the success of their teammates as well as the satisfaction of our clients.

Our employees function effectively and efficiently to refine operating practices and policies that ensure consistency of excellent service delivery to all our customers.

Employee Idea and Suggestion Box

Current employees are encouraged to  share their ideas, suggestions, and recommendations with other company employees. Employee involvement in our company’s decision-making process is what makes our company unique and successful. Their participation ensures we all enjoy a safe and healthy work environment, firm profitability and the feedback needed for success.

Please let us know what equipment you need, offer solutions to problems, and ways to improve service to our customers. In addition, we encourage you to communicate when another employee jumps in to help out. Our success relies on getting and implementing ideas from our front-line employees who do the work. As always, your input is greatly appreciated.

Employment Opportunities

Managers/Dispatchers, Executive Assistants, Account Managers/Sales Specialist, Customer Service Representatives/Call Service Order Entry Specialists, Accounting/Finance Specialists, etc.

Every employee, from the president on down to the entry-level clerk, is essential to the success of our company regardless of where they are in the organizatio. Teamwork is the basis of our success. We use cooperation as our first tool in working with others and involve people because we value their commitment and ownership.

Our teamwork and cooperative spirit includes our customers on our team. The needs of our customers give us direction and sense of purpose. Our success depends on our dedication to serving their needs and on our attention to achieving our clients’ satisfaction. Employees have a direct stake in the company’s success and each individual is accountable to every other employee for maintaining his or her performance.

People who are customer-centered and would like an opportunity to share their expertise, and contribute to the success of their fellow team mates are encouraged to submit a cover letter detailing how they could contribute to our team along with their resume by clicking here. These individuals will be contacted when the need for a team member arises that coincides with the information they have provided to us.
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