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For nearly 23 years, NCM Direct Delivery, Inc. has provided Leading Solutions to meet the delivery, logistics, and transportation needs of California businesses.


Founded in 1986, as an alternative to "business as usual" delivery company, NCM has grown into one of the largest and most successful transportation solutions company in the state. Today, more than ever, new technologies and processes are shaping the way virtually every industry does business.


Technology has become necessary in the transportation industry now more than ever. From, GPS and Managed Dispatch, to scanning and tracking, NCM has embraced and invested in the technology needed to deliver everything from tissue samples to paychecks, from film to medicine, and all at the Speed of Business in California and Washington State.


Our Courier Management System has enabled NCM to develop a statewide network of routes and on-demand services in order to partner with other successful companies to deliver not just packages but also for our partner’s bottom line.


Recovery Plans



NCM operates in an ongoing "what if" state of mind. While most days seem uneventful, we never know when and where an obstacle will be placed in our path. Traffic patterns change, accidents occur, and in northern California weather can be a major factor much of the year.

If only there was proper notice for these events, life would be simpler but there is none. We staff our business to be prepared to act and change plans. We are and have been successful in dealing with all of the above. The key is to have everyone involved notified, be apart of the decision, and work together with accurate information.

During the 1989 earthquake NCM remained fully operational. To facilitate the needs of our medical customers, we placed individual courier's at all major hospitals. With the Bay Bridge inoperable, we chartered two vessels and had them operating around the clock between Oakland and San Francisco.

NCM is proud of the days when the sky is not blue, and the roads aren’t dry, it is in these days that we feel our systems make us the best.
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